11. TTC Round 2

After a long break for fibroid & ovarium cyst laparatomy finally I can start to conceive again.

June 5th, 2015 (1)

I got my first real AF after 3 times leupron treatment since January 2015. No pain at all even not a single cramp. Not so heavy too. The best AF I had for years. It last for 5 days.

Day 9 & 12 baby dancing

Day 16 till 21 sore breast

Day 22 till 24 a little brown spot a day (could it be an implantation?)

Day 28 AF came back 😦

July 2nd, 2015 (2)

Really sad that my second AF was heavy again. Still no pain, no cramp but heavier that last cycle. It last for 4 days. I decided to see obgyn on day 12 to check my egg and do an ultrasound for the first time since the surgery. My obgyn said that my uterus wall was thick and that cause my womb volume became 130 cc instead of 75 cc normally. He told me to stop eating royal jelly and soft boileg egg.

Later I found in net that normally womb volume is 75 till 200 cc and it is fluctuative, so … dunno … and people use royal jelly to thicken their uterus wall .. haha no wonder then. So I decided to stop becoz doctor said if it is too thick then it would be difficult for the embryo to attach.

Day 11 baby dancing, CM +++, ovu test –

Day 11 till 13 CM+++ long-clear-not sticky

Day 12 ovu test -, got 1 egg size 17 mm at my right ovarium, thick endometrium 😦

Day 13 ovu test + (light line), got pregnyl 5000 iu injection

Day 14 baby dancing, no CM

Day 15 CM thick & sticky, sore breast

Day 16 til 24 no CM, sore breast

Day 25 brown spot 😦

Day 29 AF here come againnn

July 30th, 2015 (3)

This time I felt a bit pain, I don’t know is it bcoz my thick uterus wall or what. But this time around was not as heavy as last month. My AF last for 3.5 days. I also noticed that this cycle my bbt was lower than before. Is it becoz I stopped taking royal jelly and rice bran? Those contain phytoestrogent. Can it intefere my hormonal balance?

Day 7 I noticed my CM start to come out and sticky

Day 11 ovu test + (light line) so baby dancing

Day 12 ovu test ++ (clear line)

Day 13 baby dancing

Day 14 till 16 sore breast

Day 17 nothing 😦

Day 24 brown spot

Day 28 AF (don’t complain, at least I still have it)

August 26th, 2015 (4)

I think I missed my ovulation this cycle. Because I felt my CM on Day 8-9 was already strechtcy and clear. Then Day 10-11 I felt sore breast. Usually I feel my breast sore around my ovulation. Another clue I got negative result for my ovutest since Day 11 and couple days ahead.

Next Cycle Plan : Eat less meat a day before AF and the 1st day of AF to keep my estrogent & progesterone level low. Hope can make it quite low so that the pituitary gland can get enough signal to release LH & FSH hormones to grow follicle antral. Then after ovulation I want to take vitex to increase progesteron level. #cross finger ..

September 19th, 2015 (5)

I got my AF at CD 25 which is not so good since it getting sooner and I got spot even a week before.

Day 1 feel a bit cramp, bbt 36.17 degree

Day 2 still cramp, it is bcoz of the adenomiosis? Bbt 36.24 degree

Day 3  bbt 36.13 degree (like I expected, low bbt)

Day 5 bbt 36.08 degree

Day 8 ovutest -, baby dancing

Day 9 ovutest –

Day 10 ovutest got two lines, baby dancing

Day 11 ovutest ++ 

Day 12 baby dancing 

Day 14 start vitex 500 mg everynight

Actually I think this cycle was better, I got clear line on my ovutest,  took vitex and got less sore breast but still must keep trying because on day 22 I start to get spot agaiiiiiinnnnn aaarrggghhh.

So next plan again less meat and baby dancing everynight for 3 days ahead if I got my ovutest positive. Keep eating a lot of fibre since this cycle I feel my bowel mov was very great, must kick out those excess estrogen out. And I felt my hundreds little comedo so much less than it used to be. Hope my hormones can become more balance so can reduce my endometriosis & adenomiosis. Less rice, no bread at all, no sugar, I want and hoping my egg quality can improve. Pumpkin seed as snack to get more zinc since it good for LH. Eat oranges everyday since it said can higher your progesteron level along with vitex. Cross finger again.


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