1 Market Buffet Review

Buffet Restaurant owned by famous chef Wan. 


Last saturday my husband brought me there for a lunch. I like buffet, I like the sensation feeling of buffet that I can eat as much as I can which is my stomach is very xtra large hahaha πŸ˜†

So we went there right after it open 11.30 am, this is the price πŸ€‘ :

After we got the table we straight went to look around and decided to eat salmon first while it still fresh πŸ˜‹, look at those thick slices :

Next we took chilli crab and fried mantau, must eat all pricey food first (gak mau rugi). The crab was quite nice not too small and taste well, not as good as ‘no sign board’ has but oke. There is also butter crab (I think its the name) but we didn’t have a chance to eat it since we already took double plate for chilli crab.

They also have satay (chicken and beef) complete with rice cake :

Pandan leaves chicken, otah-otah, prata with curry. The chicken and otah-otas were nice except the prata served cold already.

And they also have this beef (I don’t know its name), I put extra seeweed and some crispy something on it  and it was nice :

Baked chicken, very nice :

Roasted pumpkin (sweet), I like it :

Tempura :

And there are a lot of dessert : cakes, green bean, ice cream, fruit salad, rojak, and much more. Next time must bring box to take them all (only the dessert I meant) haha ☺️


Another desert :

So overall we like 1 Market buffet, the food quality is good, taste nice, has a lot variaty we can’t even eat them all in three hours eating. My stomach was very tight that day 😜.

Worth to eat buffet πŸ€—


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